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Explore the coast from Santa
Barbara to Oregon. Everything
for the adventure traveler
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A wanderer on the west coast,
California to British Columbia,
seeks the elusive experience and
the meaning of life. $9.95
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A humorous take on relationships
with some bits of wisdom hidden
among the wit. A laugh for both
sexe buy from Amazon.com

A would be writer searching
for a story to write finds himself
in the middle of  strange
events in this satire on modern
life. $9.20 from Amazon.com

From Lucidity to Delirium, the
 Tripper explores life and the
natural world in a series of mind
explanding chapters.  $10.95
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A 12 year old boy is accidently
transported back 200 years to
the primative world of the 21st
century. $12.95 from Amazon.com

The joys & meditations
of solitary kayaking
through California, Oregon,
Washington and British Columbia
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Hiking stories from around Calif
published in California Explorer
magazine. Buy fr Amazon.com

Jesus and his disciples on the road
to preach in this buddy story
adaptation of the New Testement
$15.00 Buy from Amazon.com

A young girl sets out to become
a writer and marry her teacher
in spite of his own plans. $13.95
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A man breaks through the veil
between this reality and the next,
and his non physical self teaches
him some cosmic lessons. $9.00
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Finally here, Bigfoot hoping for
rescue, trapped light years from
home. Buy it for $12.95 on